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About Us

Claire Silbersack and Jason Spencer have always had a passion for style. Coming together through their mutual love for recycling high-end clothing and making it readily available to the public on Poshmark, they decided to open a resale boutique in Cincinnati, OH, as a way to give their friends and neighbors the ability to shop locally while upgrading their wardrobe with vintage and modern pieces. In 2021, Elizabeth DeWitt Upscale Resale was born.

Elizabeth DeWitt Upscale Resale
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Meet Claire Silbersack


Claire was born and raised in Cincinnati and graduated from Xavier in 2014 with a degree in communications as well as experience in public relations, marketing, and entrepreneurship. After graduation, she began working at Nordstrom, where her passion for fashion and style developed into a career. 

She began shopping at local resale shops with friends and eventually moved on to Poshmark, an online selling community where people from all over the world can list and buy new and gently used clothes, home decor, and more. This was the spark that lit the fire and she realized she wanted to help others find pieces they would cherish for years to come.

Meet Jason Spencer


Jason and his wife Karen are native to Connecticut, but they’ve always had connections to Cincinnati through family and friends. Karen began life as a reseller on Poshmark in 2013 and Jason, seeing how much fun she had procuring vintage and rare or in-demand items for buyers, decided to quit his job in 2017 to join her.

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Why Chooose Us?

Why Shop at Elizabeth DeWitt Upscale Resale

Sustainable Shopping

Sustainable Shopping

Shopping at a boutique reseller allows you to maintain your style while also doing your part for the planet. In today’s world of “fast fashion,” it’s easy to get sucked into buying cheap, poorly made clothing that will only last a few washes before they’re destroyed.

Shopping with us means giving new life to gently used clothes that are made of the highest quality, ensuring you keep the looks you love for years to come.


Free Up Space

If it doesn’t spark joy anymore, sell it! We work with sellers all over the city, carefully curating our selection to ensure our inventory is the best in town. If you’re looking to make room in your closet for new pieces, bring your items to us for a fair price and rest assured that your beloved clothing will go to a new home where it can be enjoyed now and in the future.

Free Up Space

One-of-a-Kind Experience

Sure, there are other consignment shops in the area, but none of them are like Elizabeth DeWitt Upscale Resale. Not only do we have the best selection of high-end new and used clothing and accessories in town, but we also work with local artists to create a memorable ambiance that resonates with our clients. Shopping with us is an experience, and we look forward to showing you what we’re all about.

More Than Just Clothes

More Than Just Clothes

Here, you’ll find something for everyone in your circle. In addition to designer clothes for men, women, and children, we also carry fine and high-end jewelry, home décor, and other items to complete any look. No matter what you’re looking for, you’ll find something to love at our boutique.

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“I just discovered this gem today as I was driving down Erie Avenue. I was able to meet Jason, who is one of the owner’s. He gave me a tour, an introduction to what Elizabeth Dewitt is about, what it’s offering and their future plans. The clothes and items in the boutique were designer brands, high end and good quality. I will definitely be back soon to shop, sell and do more business with them!”

– Nicollette Cherot


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